Car dealers in Australia spend millions of dollars advertising the best car deals on the internet, the biggest discounts on new car models on TV as well as car deals in the newspaper.

These car deals might seem great but somebody has to pay for all that advertising don’t they? Guess what? It is car buyers that go to a car dealer to buy a new car or get a car quote that normally pay through large profit margins car dealers make on all new car makes and car models across Australia.

Now there is a way to beat the car dealer ant their own game.

Car brokers in Australia offer an option to going to pay inflated new car prices at a car dealer. Using their buying power car brokers can get the best car deals on all car makes and car models in Australia at any time of the year and don’t have to wait for special car sales promotions or car manufacturers discounts to get you the best car prices.

New Car Discounts buy thousands of new cars every year for our car buying customers who want to get the best car deals. This means that as your independent car broker, we are able to get better than fleet discount pricing for your next new car purchase.

If you are looking to buy a new car, we recommend giving a car broker a chance to save money on your new car and compare it to the best price you received from your new car dealer. By the time you finished you will save thousands on your new car.

Generally getting a new car quote from your car broker is free. It won’t cost you anything to compare car prices and you will also save time and the stress of buying a new car from a car dealership.

If you would like to use our car broker services or get a free car loan quote, you can do so here or going to our car broker new car enquiry form or to our car finance form.

You can also get your free new car pricing by calling our office on 1300 501 841.