Buying a new car is a big investment. In fact the biggest you will ever make behind a new home, so make sure you get the best new car price or it could turn out to be a new car nightmare.

The biggest mistake new car buyers make is thinking that you can beat the dealer in negotiating a new car deal. Those dealers that you think you will beat have been waiting for you. they are highly trained selling machines trained in the art of new car negotiating warfare.

Even when you think you got the best new car deal, they were always prepared to go there even before you walked in the door but always try to make out that they are losing money. Those big shiny glass car palaces that you walked into didn’t get there by losing money on new car deals.

New car salespeople are professional sellers right? So it makes sense to use a new car buying expert doesn’t it? New Car Discounts specialises in buying new cars for new car buyers across Australia. Acting as your personal buying expert, we will use our new car buying power, fleet discount pricing, industry contacts and new car knowledge to achieve the best new car pricing, saving you time and thousands of dollars in the process.

So from now on, when you buy a new car, there is no need to waste your weekends running around from dealer to dealer trying to get the best new car prices. You can do it with a quick 30 second enquiry and leave the rest to us. Within 24 hours we will get back to you with the best car price in Australia direct from a dealer by bypassing the pushy salesman and securing the new car manufacturers best fleet discount pricing.

The 10 reasons why using a new car buying service is the best way to buy a new car?

1. We are independent car brokers. This means that we are not affiliated with any manufacturer or dealer. This translates into transparency on new car prices and only the best new car deals for private buyers and business customers.

2. We are professional car buying negotiators. Our car broker service is operated by experienced car procurement managers who know where, when and how to get you the best deal. We buy hundreds of new cars so our buying power means that you save on your new car prices.

3. Our tendering system means that dealers fight for your business. We use 4-6 dealers for any one car price. The dealers know that they are competing for your business and offer the best car discounts in order to sell you your new car.

4. No shifty dealers. We do not get our new car pricing from new car salespeople. We bypass dealers motivated by profit and only use fleet departments who get paid on a volume basis.

5. Get your weekends back. Our car broker service means that you get your weekends back. No more running from dealer to dealer wasting your weekends. You make a quick enquiry and we do the rest.

6. We work for you not the dealers. Our job is to buy you a new car at the best price. Therefore, we are not interested in how little profit a car dealership makes when they give away your new car. As long as the dealer has the best price and the new car price represents the best possible price on the market, we have done our job and if you’re happy so are we.

7. We can handle your trade in. Unlike other car brokers, we have access to our panel of buyers who will use a tendering system to get you the best price for your trade in vehicle.

8. We can arrange your finance too. We have a panel of lenders who offer fast and easy car loan options and car finance solutions for private buyers, commercial customers as well as employees buying their vehicle as part of a salary package.

9. Our one stop shop means that you don’t have to move from your lounge. As well as being Australia’s best car broker and offering the best car loan options, we also can get you discounts on car insurance premiums, greenslips, warranties and other insurance products such as equity protection insurance and consumer credit insurance.

10. Our new car broker service is free. No matter how much money we save you on your new car, it doesn’t cost you a thing. We get remunerated by the dealer or bank. There are no extra fees or hidden costs. The best price is the best price and you don’t have to pay any more.