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Takata Faulty Airbag recall

Drivers are being urged to check if their vehicle is fitted with a faulty airbag and contacting the manufacturer. So far it is estimated over 500,000 motor vehicles are effected by takata faulty airbags that can cause death once deployed.

The faulty airbags are known to shoot out shards of metal with enough force to lodge into someones brain. There have been multiple deaths recorded due to the faulty airbags.

To find out which car models are effected by the faulty airbags please visit this site.

It is our understanding that new car models have not been effected unless they are on the list. If you would like to trade out of your current car we can assist you with obtaining a good trade in price as well as get you better than fleet discount pricing on your new car purchase.

Click here to send us a quick enquiry and we will be more than happy to help you get out of your current vehicle.