What is the best way to buy a new car?

Buying a new car is a big investment. In fact the biggest you will ever make behind a new home, so make sure you get the best new car price or it could turn out to be a new car nightmare.

The biggest mistake new car buyers make is thinking that you can beat the dealer […]

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Takata Faulty Airbag recall

Takata Faulty Airbag recall
Drivers are being urged to check if their vehicle is fitted with a faulty airbag and contacting the manufacturer. So far it is estimated over 500,000 motor vehicles are effected by takata faulty airbags that can cause death once deployed.

The faulty airbags are known to shoot out shards of metal with enough […]

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Where to get the best car deals?

Car dealers in Australia spend millions of dollars advertising the best car deals on the internet, the biggest discounts on new car models on TV as well as car deals in the newspaper.

These car deals might seem great but somebody has to pay for all that advertising don’t they? Guess what? It is car buyers […]

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Should I buy a new car using a car broker or should I buy a car from a car dealership?

There are a lot of questions on whether you should buy a new car using a car broker or go direct to the car dealer in the industry.

Many new car dealers are perplexed as to why smart car buyers prefer to use a professional car buying service like an independent car broker to buy a […]

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