There are a lot of questions on whether you should buy a new car using a car broker or go direct to the car dealer in the industry.

Many new car dealers are perplexed as to why smart car buyers prefer to use a professional car buying service like an independent car broker to buy a new car instead of going directly to the car dealership to get the biggest discount on a new car purchase.

As a motor vehicle industry professional with experience in working with as well as working in car dealerships in Sydney I gave them a few good reasons.
Firstly if you go to car dealer instead of using a new car broker, the chances are you wont get the best deal from your local car dealer. That means that you will spend days on end going from car dealer to car dealer trying to get the best new car price only to realise that you are no better off than when you started shopping for a new car.

A car broker like is a new car buying specialist that knows how and where to get the best new car deals. This means that if you use a car broker, you save yourself time and money on your new car deal.

Secondly, car dealers are professional new car salesmen who use a range of tactics to try to get you to commit to your new car purchase without the chance to compare new car prices. Car dealers will often say things like ‘this discount is only available on this new car model today, and there is no guarantee that we will be able to give you the same discount on your new car purchase if you come back tomorrow”. Of course the chances of new car prices going up overnight are unlikely but still car dealers will still try to tell you this to get you to buy a new car on the spot”.

Car brokers like are professional new car buyers. When you put up New Car Discounts to buy a new car for you, it will even up the new car negotiating field.

Besides saving you time and money on your new car purchase as well as saving you from the heavy new car sales pitches, a car broker has buying power. Our new car buying power gives you the access to our car broker fleet discounts and discounted new car prices that a normal buyer would not be able to achieve. Let’s use the following example:

John, a sales person himself feels that he has all the car buying skills he needs so he ventures down to his local car dealer to buy a new car instead of using a car broker. After what he thinks is some excellent negotiating he is able to get a two thousand dollar discount on his new car and is satisfied that he has the best car deal in Australia.
Just as John is about to sign the contract, his wife calls him to tell him that she has been referred to New Car Discounts, an independent car buying specialist, also known as a car broker and that she has requested some pricing on their new car. She tells John to come home and don’t sign anything.
After a short while, John and his wife received a phone call from their car broker who manages to use his buying power to get fleet discount pricing and save John and his wife an extra $2500.00 on their new car deal.
The new car was exactly the same as the new car John had received pricing on, it still came from a local new car dealer, had the same manufacturer’s warranty and all the extras.
John couldn’t believe that a car broker had got him the best car price without any fuss, brand new, directly from a local dealer and saved him $4500 on his new car deal.
So, as you can see, from a real life example, if you are buying a new car and use New Car Discounts as your car broker you can save thousands off your new car price. also have access to the best car loan rates, top finance deals as well as discounts on insurance and warranties.

As an independent car broker, finds the best new car deals for private buyers as well as business fleet buyers. In order to support our new car buyers, we offer the best finance options, give you access to car loan calculators and get the best car loan interest rates from a range of car loan lenders.

This means that not only will you save money on your new car pricing, but you will also get the best finance deals to save you even more in the long run.

As you can see using a car broker, is far more efficient, will save you money and will get you in the driver’s seat a lot faster than buying your car by the exhausting car dealer process.

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