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Fleet DIscounts for New Car Buyers.
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Car Broker Services – Fleet Discount New Car Pricing for Private Buyers,

Commercial Customers and Employees as part of a salary package.


New Cars Discounts (Car Brokers) work on your behalf in order to negotiate the best possible savings on your new car purchase by using our buying power and industry contacts to ensure that you save more money than you could ever imagine. Apart from saving you thousands on your new car we will also eliminate your time wasted as well as the heavy sales pitches you may encounter running from dealer to dealer trying to get the best price. We know where and how to get you the best possible price and

We Guarantee It!

Here at New Cars Discounts we specialise in finding our clients the car of their dreams, to their exact specifications at the best possible price including a prompt delivery to their door with a full tank of fuel, saving thousands of dollars in the process!

This is done through our vast network of industry contacts through every manufacturer and massive buying power with dealers across Australia who will compete for your business. Because we find our clients in excess of 300 vehicles per month, you benefit from this buying power and can purchase you new vehicle and receive the discount that you would as if you were purchasing 300 vehicles. This process means that we are able to save you thousands of dollars on your new car, every time GUARANTEED.

Our buying power is not limited to any new car manufacturer, so whether you are looking for a new Mazda in Perth, a new Toyota in Qld, a new Subaru in WA, a new Honda in Victoria or a new Holden in NSW, New Cars Discounts (Car Brokers) will save you thousands and get you the best discount on your new car.

The formula to our fleet discounts and massive buying power is attributed to by our extensive new car industry contacts and new car knowledge as well as the volume of new cars that we buy for our private buyers, small business as well as our major fleet clients.

Our new car buying power is simple mathematics, We buy in volume so we buy cheaper.

The benefit to you is that you will receive the discount on your new car as if you were buying 300. Now that equals MASSIVE NEW CAR DISCOUNTS.

This service is free and does not cost you anything out of pocket, so you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by using our service so take 30 seconds to complete the enquiry form and save thousands on your new car!

How it works: New car buying made easy!

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  1. Submit a new car enquiry.
  2. Receive the best possible price on your new car to your exact specifications (Saving you thousands of dollars, lots of time and hassle).
  3. Dispose your trade in car for the highest possible price using our industry contacts.
  4. Get assistance with your new car finance (Optional. Commercial Hire Purchase, Chattel Mortgage, Consumer Loan, Personal Loan, Novated Lease, Operating Lease).
  5. Sign paperwork (at the dealer or via mail).
  6. Have your new car delivered to your home by the dealer with a full tank of fuel. (Optional. You may choose to pick it up instead).

Your new car will still be delivered from a dealer in your city. You may still choose to service your new car at your local dealer. New Cars Discounts has just taken care of the following details:

  • Obtaining the best price possible and ensuring there are no hidden costs.
  • Ensuring that you receive your new car to your exact sepecification, and that your new car meets your expectations.

Get started now, and save thousands on your new car purchase.