IT PAYS TO BE COVERED – Consumer credit insurance/ Loan Protection!

Loan Protection Insurance or rather Consumer Credit Insurance is designed to assist you in meeting your Finance contract repayments in the event of specific changes to your personal circumstances.
It can assist you in meeting your repayments in the event of changes to your health, employment status or as a result of your death. We never know what lies around the corner so it pays to be covered and protect your investment.
The insurance provide is designed to assist with your vehicle loan repayments in the event of any of the following circumstances occurring:

  • if you die,
  • if you suffer a Traumatic Event and satisfy the definition of that Traumatic Event as contained in the PDS,
  • if you become involuntarily unemployed, or
  • if you are unable to work due to accident or sickness.

There are some significant benefits of Loan Protection and Consumer Credit Insurance. Some of these benefits include.

  • You will protect your investment by ensuring you are covered in unforeseen circumstances such as involuntary employment, trauma or if you are unable to work due to an unforeseen accident or sickness.
  • You will protect your credit rating and avoid late payments on your vehicle that could not otherwise be avoided without this loan protection insurance.
  • The nominal premium can be factored into your loan repayments making a small worthwhile difference to your monthly repayments.

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